— EJ & CQ — 


Separated from CQ at birth, EJ grew up on a remote Minnesota farm where he learned woodworking along with quilting, pie baking, and laughing off his mistakes.  It could be that his penchant for bold use of color stems from those days of brightly colored farm equipment, fabric scraps, and endless acres of sunflowers ....

At the University of Kansas, realizing that he preferred not to color in the lines, he abandoned his architectural engineering studies in favor of the arts, literature, and foreign language. He will claim that touring internationally on the bassoon for several summers throughout Europe taught him far more about style and structure than he could have ever learned in the classroom.

Upon venturing to Santa Fe, EJ's talent for design and build flourished.  Always raring for a challenge, he became the go-to guy for projects otherwise deemed impossible or untouchable.  It is almost certainly his fondness for the underdog and fairy tale endings, however, that fuels his appetite for immaculate restoration and his crusade against the ignominious demise of beauty.

CQ grew up on the Diné (Navajo) reservation learning to stoke a wood stove, to tan hides, and that fitting in can be over-rated ... and sometimes impossible.  Perhaps her attraction to crystals grows from those days of long bike rides through endless miles of sparkling sand ....

CQ's passion for design took off in France where she studied classical and contemporary art and literature at the Collège Lycée Saint Stanislas in Nantes.   During her pursuit of degrees in French, religious studies, and political science at Arizona State University, her interest in art evolved into the realms of religion and psychology and she abandoned graduate studies in favor of soul searching and self discovery.

She spirited herself away to rural northern Japan where she fell head over heels for Buddhist and Shinto art and iconography, picked up her first DSLR and chronicled each affair in her digital diary.  Perhaps her passion for luminous skies was inspired by those long winters of snow piled past her windows ....

Although she may claim in true Libran fashion that these experiences have taught her to balance the visual and energetic aspects of creation, EJ secretly believes it is at least as likely that her uncanny connection to the cosmos inspires such divine design.   


— Sylvette & Víggo — 

Viggo 3 copy.jpg

Víggo has lived the classic tale of rags to riches.  When we stumbled upon him, he was a homeless beach bum surfing the waves of sunny San Diego.  We don't know much about his early days except that they must've involved a traumatic incident with stairs resulting in a lifelong phobia.  

Affectionately known as "Sunny Boy" and "Grandpa," when he's not ogling CQ while she's fixing her hair, you can find him twirling in circles like a tornado with a lampshade on his head.  Seriously.  

Vivina copy.jpg

Descending to the mortal world as penance for hubris in her former deific existence has been most trying.  But she holds her head high and finds joy in the simplest of earthly pleasures - harvesting and drying herbs, climbing trees, communing with fairies and unicorns, and collecting precious stones for her dragon's horde.  Highly intuitive and clairaudient, guarding your thoughts around this sovereign is strongly advised.  For genuine seekers she may offer her insights ... or she may simply gush a stream of gibberish, swoosh her tail, and run off cackling.

Viggo & Vivina.jpg


With an army of you, I could conquer the world.
— Jack Lott, of the historic La Cueva Ranch — 
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