— the Elysian feel —


After years of finishing pieces to accentuate age and hasten the appearance of wear through faux antiquing and physical distressing, we wanted to set out on a new path focusing on reconstruction and preservation rather than destruction.  The furnishings we curate for refinishing are in a liminal state – no longer in their visual prime but not yet  dilapidated.  A finisher can therefore take them in either direction – toward demise or toward wholeness.  Feeling that the deliberate distressing of an antique or vintage furnishing is akin to battering a classic car in an effort to make it appear well past its prime, we choose to improve, repair, and revitalize these pieces, breathing new life into them with an innovative finish for a new age.    

Finishes which add to the wear of a piece through distressing and rubbing stress its age with glazes and opaque paints that typically work with the moldings, frames and form – the platonic linear geometry of a piece – rigid, hard, stark, and masculine.  In a sense, the heirloom/distressed finish is subservient to the piece.  By contract, the Elysian feel is a feminine finish in which a piece is approached with the intent to harmonize, blend, and gracefully shade to create a seamless expanse, softening the lines and form of a piece which are hard, heavy, and inherently masculine.  Palettes of blended color overlay an entire piece evoking a serendipitous energy.  Consideration of color and complex effects are supreme to organization based on form.  We do not disregard geometry but approach it from a different angle - in terms of proportions, gradients, and color bands. 


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  
— Rumi —