— Love Letters —


Thank you for this gorgeous side table!!! Quite stunning and I Love it!!! Greatly appreciate your efforts with finding affordable and secure packaging. Not to mention the beautiful candle you included - thank you so much. Your talents are awesome and quite admirable!!!

Nº. 1

I am in awe with the rich colors and perfect ombré.
These captivated me when I saw them and I may write them into my will because they are nothing short of extraordinary.

Nº. 2

I am beyond thrilled with these candles! They aren’t just candles, they are works of art
and are the centerpiece of my living room.

Nº. 3

As beautiful as these candles are in photos,
photos can’t truly capture every nuance of the shifting shimmers and hues in different lighting.
These candles came to me in perfect condition and carefully packaged.

Nº. 4

I wanted to commend you on your items!!
They are beautiful and I’m so very impressed!!!
This is the best ombré painted furniture I’ve ever seen on here. Or maybe anywhere!
The way it transitions to the next color seamlessly is gorgeous!

Nº. 5

I feel torn between wanting to burn one of these candles and keeping them around the house for decor because they are truly works of art.

Nº. 6

Amazing! This is my third set because everyone who views them MUST have them, too.
These candles are such beautiful statement pieces and flawless. Thank you!

Nº. 7

Beautiful candle! The finish is just gorgeous.
Arrived in a timely manner and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.

Nº. 8

Divine! By far, the most luxurious candles I have ever seen.
I agree with others that these are works of art.

Nº. 9

While the photos are definitely true to color, the actual pieces are so much more
beautiful and reflect the care and time that went into their production.
Thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face!!
I will definitely be ordering more!