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You say that your adorable doberman puppy made a snack out of the arm of your favorite antique Windsor chair?...  that your maid ripped off part of the rice paper from your centuries old Japanese painting with her feather duster ... and then vacuumed up the piece?...  that your child thought that it might be fun to insert a lamp plug into the nose ... and mouth ... and ear of your great great grandmother in the family heirloom oil painting?  We can help.  

Our restoration of the Historic Lensic Theatre included the stripping and refinishing of woodwork, repair of the murals, plaster, decorative paint and stenciling throughout the auditorium and lobbies.  Our exterior wood preservation and restoration is on display at Forked Lightning Ranch and the New Mexico State Capitol features our finish restoration of the paneling and woodwork throughout the assembly chambers.

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We offer eighteen years of experience in art and antique conservation, restoration and classical finishes, and have mastered the techniques necessary to bring your treasured pieces back to life.  We specialize in finish reproduction using both period materials and traditional techniques as well as modern conservation media.  Original finishes are preserved wherever possible to maintain the value of an antique.

Some of the services we provide are finish repair, structural repair, replacement part fabrication, drawer/door adjustments, polishing and waxing.

As adept as we are at restoring a piece to its original condition, if it's time for your piece to take on a new life, we can crystallize your vision.  Explore the endless possibilities on our fine finishing page.


Our restoration process begins with an initial assessment to determine the current type of finish, which aspects of the finish and structure remain intact, and which aspects need to be repaired or refinished.  We then perform a gentle yet thorough cleaning of the piece to remove any type of residue which could affect adhesion of the repairs or the new finish.  We take every precaution when stripping and sanding is necessary and, because of the invasive nature of those techniques, do so as minimally as possible.  Next we take measures to ensure the structural integrity of a piece such as tightening moldings, repairing broken parts, gluing loose joints, and mitigating dents and scratches. When certain aspects of a piece are no longer viable, we can custom mill or otherwise replicate new components to match those existing.  We custom formulate all of our colors and materials to ensure seamless color matches prior to their meticulous application.

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