Earth Pearl Pillar Candles ∞ Set of Two

Earth Pearl Pillar Candles ∞ Set of Two


The high desert is ever prone to wildfires. And while they alter the landscape indelibly, they also temporarily transform the sky. 
These pillar candle holders, finished in our Sochi palette, reflect the burnt rose gold hues and signature smoky violet highlights of the billows. 

Find your space and yourself transformed in their soft glow.

Layered with limited edition pigments, lightfast, non-toxic dyes, and earth-sourced crystal minerals, these glistening gems offer an exquisite yet eco-friendly point of reflection for your sanctuary.

Each candle is individually finished using our unique color formulations and innovative finishing techniques. The non-flammable crystalline coating is our personal, all natural recipe and is meticulously hand applied. The contrasting sheen levels that emerge create dynamic and unparalleled effects. 

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Product Specifications

∞ unscented
∞ domed top
∞ burn time of up to 50 hours
∞ molded wax
∞ non-cored cotton wicks
∞ dimensions  5.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
∞ weight 1.1 pounds
∞ individually hand crafted pearl finish
∞ one pair of pillar candles included