Moon Melt Lotus Mudra Tealight Holder

Moon Melt Lotus Mudra Tealight Holder


The moonlit inspired cool tones of our Lunar Dawn collection elicit an atmosphere of tranquility. The cuff is cloaked in midnight blue which seamlessly brightens to periwinkle and the pure pearl moon glow of the lotus and fingertips, just as the new moon waxes to full.

Symbolizing union with the universe, this elegant gyan mudra doubles as a tealight holder and offers an illuminated focal point for your space.

The fingertips are carved with spirals symbolizing evolution - the motion of the sun, moon, planets and stars. The figure's feather-light hold upon the lotus summons the purity necessary to stay true to the path of spiritual awakening. 

Layered with limited edition pigments, non-toxic, lightfast dyes, and natural crystal minerals of muscovite, hematite, and quartz, the seamlessly blended ombré offers contemplative qualities in both the terrestrial and spiritual realms. 

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Product Specifications

∞ Dimensions - 10” H x 3.5" W x 3.5" L

∞ Weight - .7 pounds

∞ Fabrication - handcrafted, cast resin