Opalescent Soy ∞ Single Pillar Candle

Opalescent Soy ∞ Single Pillar Candle


Misted with limited edition pigments, earth sourced crystal minerals, non-toxic dyes and naturally derived lacquer, the finish on this candle is as ecologically sound as it is lustrous.  During daylight, the pearlescent qualities of the candle shimmer and shine; at night they luminesce, emitting a lovely glow in the darkness.  

Individually finished using our own color formulations and innovative finishing techniques, this candle weighs in at 23 ounces, features a self-trimming, flat braided rope wick, and burns for a whopping 98 hours - twice as long as its paraffin equivalent.

The high desert is ever prone to wildfires.  And while they alter the landscape indelibly, they also temporarily transform the sky. 
 These pillar candle holders, finished in our Sochi palette, reflect the burnt rose gold hues and signature smoky mocha and violet highlights of the billows.  

Find your space - and yourself - transformed in their pearlescent glow.

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Colors and materials used in our pieces are complex and inherently dynamic.  This is the magic that brings them to life.  As such, please expect the subtle shifting of shades and hues.  

Our pieces are photographed to ensure the most accurate portrayal of their colors.  However, they may differ from those on your display based on the calibration of your device.