Penumbral Pink Crystalline Pillar Candles

Penumbral Pink Crystalline Pillar Candles


Ombré, the french term meaning "shaded" or "enshadowed," is a technique of coloring which dates back centuries.  Our Penumbral Pearl palette is inspired by the subtle shading which occurs during this phase of a lunar eclipse as the earth begins to shadow the face of the moon.  This warm lunar silver coats the center of these candles between luminous umbral rose capitals and glistening black bases.  

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Product Specifications

∞ fragrance-free
∞ domed top
∞ burn time of up to 50 hours
∞ molded wax
∞ non-cored cotton wicks
∞ dimensions 5.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
∞ weight 1.1 pounds
∞ individually hand crafted crystalline finish
∞ pricing includes one pair of pillar candles

Colors and materials used in our pieces are complex and inherently dynamic.  This is the magic that brings them to life.  As such, please expect the subtle shifting of shades and hues.  

Our pieces are photographed to ensure the most accurate portrayal of their colors.  However, they may differ from those on your display based on the calibration of your device.