Plum Pearl Ombré Kannon - Prayer Mudra

Plum Pearl Ombré Kannon - Prayer Mudra


Kannon, Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion, is known for returning to earth just before entering the gates of heaven to care for people during their difficulties along the path.  She expresses her divine loving energy holding one set of hands in prayer or anjali mudra and the other set in meditation or dhyana mudra. She is Protector and Benefactor and one of the most frequently used deities in feng shui because of her powerful Buddha energy.  

Feel soothed in her presence.

In addition to the rich color-infusion of our originally formulated lightfast dyes, Kannon is misted with limited edition pigments and natural crystals, delivering a lustrous illumination and an uplifting energy to your space.  

The natural resin lacquer forming the protective finish has been used for centuries and remains the only coating to demonstrate such exceptional longevity.  

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Product Dimensions  -  18"W x 13"D x 26"H
Product Weight  -  12.8 lbs.
Fabrication  -  cast resin

∞ Colors and materials used in our pieces are complex and inherently dynamic.  This is the magic that brings them to life.  As such, please expect the subtle shifting of shades and hues. Our pieces are professionally photographed to ensure the most accurate portrayal of their colors. However, they may differ from those on your display based on the calibration of your device.