Shakyamuni Buddha ∞ Dharmachakra Mudra

Shakyamuni Buddha ∞ Dharmachakra Mudra


The dharmachakra mudra emerged during Shakyamuni Buddha's first discourse following enlightenment.  This hand position represents the continuous flow of energy and symbolizes the Buddha's teachings about the cosmic order as divested from the heart.

Our Nova finish embodies the concept of enlightenment born from the harmonizing of opposites: the midnight indigo of the statue's base ascends to meet cascading brilliant gold, each hue ceding to the next and converging at the heart in a sublime union of silver-lavender.  

Layered with limited edition pigments, natural crystals, and non-toxic,  lightfast dyes,  the finish of this piece emits a luminescent aura.  

We designed and applied this original finish using our unique color formulations and innovative finishing techniques to produce a piece like none other in existence.    

Find yourself centered as you gaze upon this graceful union.

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∞  Product Dimensions  -  9”D x 13”W x 18”H
∞  Product Weight  -  7.2 pounds
∞  Fabrication  -  thoughtfully sourced, cast resin import

∞ Colors and materials used in our pieces are complex and inherently dynamic.  This is the magic that brings them to life.  As such, please expect the subtle shifting of shades and hues.  Our pieces are professionally photographed to ensure the most accurate portrayal of their colors.  However, they may differ from those on your display based on the calibration of your device.