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"Like a sculptor who can see an angel in naked rock, Carrie has a way of bringing the beauty of raw material out into the light where everyone can see it.  She is smart, generous, and infinitely helpful.  She has a sharp business acumen and the heart of a poet. She has taken my work to new levels and set my product far and away past others in my field.  The website and online content she's created for me have increased my online presence and encouraged engagement from multiple vantage points.  More importantly, she's helped me crystallize my work and take it to new heights.  There is beauty to her work, but it is savvy and world wise and workable.  It just works. In a time when we all need to engage with marketing and competition, she helps me present myself with sincerity. She showcases my work in ways that are smart, compelling, competitive, and yet true to who I am. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's my first and most important resource in putting my work out there. " 

— Karin Lynn Carlson, Deeper Practice Online Yoga Studies


 — Design & Build —


The Libran


Meet the Libran, our originally designed and constructed, custom commissioned sit-stand desk based on ancient system of pulley and weights using modern materials.  Utterly silent and motor-free, the Libran offers rapid height adjustment in less than 5 seconds. Its unique counterweight system allows for a desk surface area more than twice the size of others on the market.   This piece is constructed with solid and engineered hardwoods and supported by an extruded, high strength profile aluminum frame with an anodized finish. The height and motion range are custom fit for your body and custom weighted to suit your specific loads and needs.   We also offer a professional, made to order finish in the palette and sheen of your choosing.  Custom built and finished side banks, filing cabinets, and other accompanying pieces are also available.