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Sympatico Design

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Meet &Greet


We are EJ & CQ.

we've entwined talents
to create sparkling ombré finishes
that brighten the world
& lighten your heart.

Formulated with earth-sourced crystals,
non-toxic dyes, limited edition pigments,
& naturally derived lacquer,

our signature style is equal parts
ecological & enchanting.

We hope you find the effects
as dynamic & luminous
as the celestial landscapes that inspire them.


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Sky Candy

catching the light | reflecting the sky

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Earth Crush

Explore the crystals
behind the magic

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We'd love to get to know you! 

find us on Instagram @handyandmarvelous


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Our fine finishing and interiors have been featured in multiple issues of the following publications from 2002 - 2017.

Four homes featuring our works have won the Grand Hacienda Award in the Santa Fe
Parade of Homes.


Yin Finishes
for a New Age

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Do Good

our commitment
to conscious creation

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